Monday, April 12, 2010

1. Paying attention to big things that happen is easy. What are some of the small things you are missing out?

The details of it like the picture shown today, we would focus on what they are wearing but we will miss out the details like the colour of the uniforms, what is the design.

2. How does technology distract you from paying attention?

It feels very exciting and I usually will just ignore the teacher and explore the web and see what I can find.

3. Spend some time in silence and pay attention to your inner life. What is bubbling to the surface?

The small things.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sports and Wellness

This is my video.
I approached the bar from the correct side.
I took of with one leg.
I did not swing the lead leg.
The rest of the body rolled over the bar.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Character Education

1. Some people are good at starting things, others at finishing things. Which one are you? Why?

I might in starting things as I usually start it out nicely and have the idea of what am I going to do but in finishing things, I must be extra careful and edit the work to make it better.

2. What kinds of things do you need to do each day in order to feel like your day is a success?

The things are:

  • achieving my goals or beyond my goals
  • accomplishing something I taught it was impossible
  • being happy by the things I had done.
  • making other people feel happy by helping them.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Character education term 1 week 4

a. What does a person of good character look like?

Honest, determined to complete his task, empowerment, helpful, respectful and committed.

b. How does one measure up to the description of a good character?

Looks at how he behaves and at his actions.

c. How would others say about the character of you as an individual?

They would say about my behavior and the things I did which can be good or bad.

d. In which area and how would you like to grow and develop in your character?

The way I behave. Try to make my behavior in class as good as possible.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Communication 1

1 Why is communication important?

Communication is very important as it would make things easier and we will keep touch with our family members.

2 What is/are your favourite form/s of communication? Why?

Verbal communication as it is easier than writing down or typing it.

3 How do you decide which form of communication to use in a situation?

If it is very urgent, I would give the person a call. And if it is about something which is not quite useful, I would text, e-mail or chat with him.

4 What difficulties do you face in communicating with others?

When we do not know much about that person so cannot really cannot communicate with each other.

Friday, January 8, 2010

My Thoughts

The camp was good but it could be better if it was not raining and it was longer. They provide us with disposal plates and cups instead of bringing our own but overall, the orientation week was great.

Reflections part 3

I would want to communicate with others well.

Reflections part 2

I would like to retry the rock-wall as I did not mange to reach the top of the rock-wall so I would want retry it and try to reach the top of the rock-wall.

Reflections part 1

The four main points I had learnt are:
  • you must always communicate with the team if you are the leader.
  • there is no I in a team.
  • cooperation is the key thing in the team.
  • a good follower is a good leader.
With all this pointers, we can make the whole team better.

My Objectives

  • To achieve the school vision, mission and values.
  • To familiarize with the people in SST and get used with the environment both in school and in the neighborhood.
  • To have a sense of belonging to the school.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Digital College

Made in keynote by me

The links are:

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

5 Jan:#2 Team-Building Challenge - Debrief 2

  • We should do the best always in our daily lives.
  • Giving in effort in your work and do it carefully.
  • You need to be determined and focused to excel in the things you do.
  • I can contribute to the class by having the excellence to succeed.

Monday, January 4, 2010

View Google maps 2B in a larger map
taken from google maps in my maps

4 Jan bridge-building activity debrief 2

  • It felt quite fun working in a team on the bridge-building project since the team members disagreed to other people's ideas less.
  • I think I interacted well with the members in my team as we argued less when we were building the bridge.
  • I am able to make a bridge.
  • No, I did not. My team members are not bullies or irritating to me.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Google maps 2A

Take bus 14 or 166 to clementi interchange and then cross the road to clementi avenue 4. Turn left and walk straight until the next junction. Cross the road and turn right to SST. The Google Maps shows the buses to your destination. Google maps gives you the fastest and the cheapest direction.

How it felt creating this blog

It was a great experience to make a blog in blogger as I had never made my very own blog before and it was very fun! Blogging can be part of my learning experience as each group can make a blog page to do their group work or make a record of what our group had done. Then the teacher could give comments to help us improve. We can even ask questions about our school homework and our friends can answer them.

How I felt when I made it to SST

I chose these images because I was disappointed at first as I was in the waiting list and there was less than twenty-percent chance of getting into SST. When I got my PSLE result slip, it was written on the option form that I had been selected by SST. I jumped for joy and celebrated as I had been selected by the school I had always wanted to go!

Smiley face taken from
sad face from